People can comfortably celebrate parties and wedding reception at night so why not funerals. A lot of people are generally scared of the dark and the noise they hear in the dark not to talk of the burying the dead in the night.

More families are beginning to prefer having funeral service at night, this is done to ensure the presence of family, relative and friends. That way no one will give an excuse of being busy with work, school or other schedules.

For some other part of the world, funerals are held during the day like it’s a must, but it would be difficult to hold a service after dark because it would the presence enough for the whole place and also making provision for vehicular means of transportation so late at night. In some other part is always advised that funerals are done during the day then wake keep is done at night. A wake keep is more like a vigil kept for the deceased in the last honour and is done till morning. Matters of attendance are considered because a lot of persons might not like to stray out late at night. And another problem is if the clergy, minister and celebrant. The wake is done due to the belief of the connection of the soul to the spirit world. So due to this connection, people hold a wake in the belief that the deceased would be protected from evil spirits through the land of humans to that of spirit. It was first practised in Ireland by the Catholics. The wake is not usually led by a celebrant but church teacher. The person has to be a very covenant with religious doctrines. wake is also practised in United States of America and Canada where a celebration of life is done socially but in places like the United Kingdom, it is more like a custom for the wake keep to be done before the funeral. It is used to be done as a customary in European continents for mourners to stay awake until the deceased has been transited it is still very much practised in Ireland.

A night funeral can be done as a wake. It should be done a night before the funeral service. Everyone has to stay awake throughout the whole night and people are allowed to visit, the body of the deceased can either be there or not that way members of the family are allowed to view the deceased in a coffin. In this case, there is no need for religious activities. People just eat, dance, say memories about the dead, sing songs or hymn as the case may be and then sympathize with the family.

A funeral can be held at night, if timed well and have means of transportation all aligned at properly.




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