To emblem means a symbol to be kept as a remembrance. It is most times like a pictorial image that shows or depicts a person. Embalming has to do with the removal of the blood volume of a body and this is done in order to prevent infection, to preserve the body of the deceased and also for restoration. The restoration is for easy accessibility, while the removal of the blood volume will help remove microbes which harmfully cause a lot of infection in the system and to preserve the body is to slow down the process of decomposition. Fluids used to embalm the body causes swelling to the tissue and can fill the gaunt areas in the deceased face. Phenol is the most widely used to bleach and dries the tissues.

The opposite of embalmed is unembalmed here the body of the diseased is not embalmed rather it is just cleaned from time to time. The unembalmed body is too good because it won’t be presentable to the view of is often put to remembrance that immediately death happens, decomposition sets in by the harmful microbes found in our body. The longer a body is embalmed the longer it won’t be pleasing to the eyes.

One’s brain is the first part of the body to breakdown. Immediately a person gives up the ghost, the cells shut down and begin to give off water and then every other organ follow suit. The harmful microbes found in the digestive area of the body begins to eat the gut and also move into other parts of the body, in turn, the give off very harmful gases that lead to smelling and bloating of the body. The tissue will begin to release water, all the thin skin such as the eyelids will begin t dry out while the fat deposited area of our lives will change into grave wax which is a soap-like substance. Give about three to five days the microbes must have penetrated into the whole part of the body. The gases the microbes release includes ammonia and hydrogen sulphide.

After a few months, the iron that is contained in the deceased blood vessel begins to oxidize and change colour. There is a breakage in the structures of the molecules that heed the cell together, so the tissues collapse as well.

With all these written above, I’m sure no one would love to witness an unembalmed body because of the smell and bloating of the body. So it advised to either embalm the body or refrigerate the body to avoid foul smell in the environment. So necessary steps are taken before the body is totally damaged and broken down by microbes.




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