Most times tragedy struck when its least expected. Calamity does not know anyone both the rich and poor neither does it knock on one’s door before befalling the person. So most deaths occur when we least expect especially when there is no money. And this makes having a funeral to be faintly possible.

When a person dies and there is no money there is still remedy to such

  1. If the person is a civil servant or works: The deceased if a civil servant or is under any insurance, then the deceased family would check if the life’s insurance policy covers the person’s death. A meeting could be fixed with the representative of the insurance company into to go over the details, stipulations limits and boundaries attached to with policy of the insurance company. If it’s on the basis of life insurance, then there would be a good percentage for the funeral.
  2. The low-cost funeral can be budgeted where there is no money: In Nigeria, if the money for the funeral is not yet available, the body is just laid to rest by shopping for a very cheap casket and then laying the body to the ground. The presence of a church leader is needed and then, the family members.
  3. Acquire a loan: Even though most persons don’t encourage getting a loan because of the discomfort and inability to pay back in time. It is always advisable to stick to what best you can do. But if you are at peace with taking a loan then you apply for it from a bank or go to a friend for the loan. Fill the necessary forms, sign the necessary documents for the acquirement of the loan. But never use your credit card to take cash in advance due to the high interest that would be charged on you, thereby making payment difficult for you.
  4. The deceased’s family or relatives should be asked to help out: Is not just a person that lost a family member but the whole family. So the burden shouldn’t be solely on you. You could ask other relatives for help. Go straight as to tell them how much the funeral would cost, how much you have raised so far and the amount of money needed to complete the burial. Ask them how much each of them are willing to bring in order to complete the costs for the burial.

In some countries outside Africa, there is something called the “country or state coroner’s office? This comes in where you sign papers saying you can’t afford to bury the deceased. The state will then aid you in either burying the body to the ground or cremating it but most times in cremating they might ask for the ashes of the deceased body to be given to them.




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