Death occurs without knocking at our door. We lose our loved ones at the slightest instant. If given the chance most of us would love the leave with the body of the deceased but it’s not possible. There are various method of preserving a dead body which includes

  1. The refrigeration method
  2. Green body storage
  3. Cremation
  4. The bathing of the body with chemicals to keep the body away from spillage. (embalming).

Amongst the long list above the most practised, one is in some countries like Nigeria is the use of chemicals to bath the body.

  1. Embalming: Embalming is a method used to keep the body intact for like a period of one week to one month. In embalming camphor and some other chemicals are used to bathe the body every morning by the mortuary attendant. It does not entirely end the decomposition of the deceased body rather it shows its decomposition down.
  2. Refrigerator Method: In the method of body preservation. This method is widely accepted where there is no need for viewing the body. Here the body is buried to the ground immediately this is due to the fact that some location for burial does not permit the possession of emblem bodies. A body is advised to be refrigerated from 10-24 hours though it differs per belief mostly, the family of the deceased are being charged daily for it. The body is made to be refrigerated at a stipulated temperature in order to show the decomposition of the body. The body is kept at a temperature of 360f to 390f but it has done for a period of 14-16 days as the case may be. It is the best way to keep a body before cremation and it needs a lot of power to keep the room cold and give off the required amount of temperature needed to keep the body.
  3. Green Body Storage: This is widely accepted by the funeral workers due to fact that it doesn’t expose them to harmful chemicals neither does it add any chemicals to the soil when buried. It is best for storage of the body but it’s quite expensive.

There are various reasons why a body can be buried as soon as possible. We buried our father 3 months after his death due to lack of money and the fact that our exams were coming up then. For any reason that the body can’t be buried, then the body of the deceased should be handled in a proper way. Try as much as possible to bury the deceased within the space of a month or two.




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