Mourning period never last but funeral rite and service sure have an expiring date and it doesn’t last up to a day depending on the religion and belief through. In the order of funeral, the typical type of funeral service for Christian beliefs should last for like 2 hours or more. Some churches can be as brief as possible and make the funeral service as short 30-45 minutes but apply to Pentecostal churches. Anglican and roman catholic churches last up to two hours or more; this is due to the procession, hymns to sing, readings from the bible, word of god to be shared and many other performances from both the choristers and other organizations from both the church and village.

For further clarification on the particular time the funeral service is going to last, you could ask the celebrant, minister or church leader as the case may be. After the service from the religious groups. The recorder or live band begins to play as the body is being laid to rest.

  1. The funeral service reception comes up: This reception takes time because food and refreshment come up and a lot of persons would be going out and coming in. it is compulsory you will sit to the end of the program. If you have other events lined up for you, you could take permission and excuse yourself. The family of the deceased has to be there throughout the funeral service in order to attend to all the guest/visitors.
  2. A lot of funeral visitation of the relative, friends, business associate, organization and clubs they deceased belong to will come to pay the funeral visit.
  3. Then as for the Hindu’s or any other family that wants to make use of the cremation service. Here the body is cleaned with camphor, tightened with a clothe (white clothe either linen or cotton) but most times the burning/cremation does occur in the presence of everybody, just the presence of the family and relatives are enough.
  4. There are some many difference between the burial service and cremation service is that burial service lasts long due to the procession, the churching before laying the body to rest and then the remaining service is held. To lay the body to rest in the grave and cover it takes up to 45 minutes to 50 minutes which makes the service lasts longer after which few words are said before saying the grace. So before taking any decision concerning the service, you have to discuss with the celebrant, church leader or minister of the deceased church.




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