A checklist has to do with a documenting the list of things needed to be ready or done before a stipulated date or event. A checklist is very vital because it used to reduces losses, make there is a totality in carrying out a job. It is first written down as points to be put into resemblance or a form of a pointer to be considered before that events take place.

It also used to access, evaluate and measure out what needs to be done. This helps get rid of forgetting things. It is very easy for we humans to forget things usually, because of the distractions all around us. It helps us to manage pressure during a specific time.

A checklist is used to ensure that the valuable task gets done. This helps you to avoid distractions because you’d be totally involved with what’s on the checklists. It helps give our mind peace because you don’t always have to crack your brain in order to remember thins which we can easily forget. Checklistsaves us a lot of energy and time. The checklist gives up some amount of discipline and === in organizing an event and it can develop the productivity of task to be completed

I know you’d be wondering if getting a checklist is necessary for a funeral. Yes, it is very important because due to mourning and a lot visitation by people we tend to forget some things needed in a funeral and this might cause disorganization during the funeral service.  So while planning for the checklist you have a lot of things to put into consideration such as type of funeral (burial or cremation).

  1. Type of gathering (either a big gathering or small gathering)
  2. Venue to be used
  3. Speaker or church leader that will host the event
  4. Who will perform during the funeral (is a live band, gospel band, musician or a rewarder)
  5. Rentals, food and refreshments, and gifts (if any)
  6. Whom will make the video coverage.
  7. Floral arrangement (as in some countries).

All these listed above are list of things that should be on your checklist or to-do list. Choose a way to express your final respect or final wishes to the deceased is it through video or writing.

In Nigeria, we make use of brochure containing details of the how the events will be done, biography of the deceased with numerous pictures attached, people he/she is survived and a farewell message from close friends relatives, colleagues and organization the person is involved with it.

You can show to-do list or checklist to your family, that way everyone will support in getting things in order and that the funeral service will be organized and productive.




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