Funeral rites can cost so much especially amidst the pandemic. The funeral is so very expensive but there are still ways to make adjustments. How to cut funeral expenses are dependent on a lot of things such as type of funeral service you want (is cremation or burial), how many persons are expected, how much is being budgeted and in some countries who involve funeral directors, the directors that have been stipulated for the duty. This manhood above is the things needed to be put into considerations before cutting out expenses.

  1. The type of funeral:– A cremation burial is a lot cheaper when compared to burial. Cremating a deceased body saves the cost of buying a casket, it saves the cost of inviting people to come and eat and drink. It saves the cost of searching for people to dig the ground as in the burial type. It saves the cost of calling a recorder or live band to perform at a burial service.

If the case is still to make use of the burial service type then you will have to:-

  1. People should be there strictly on the invitation: Because the expenses are much and needs to be cut, only invited guest are to be allowed for the burial service
  2. Amount of invited persons will directly affect the amount of food to be cooked. Instead of cooking for a lot of persons, the food that would be cooked would be for the invited guest.
  3. The hiring rentals should be reduced as well. There should be a minimum number of canopies, chairs and tables to hire. This is done not just to cut expenses but to lower the possibility of damages.
  4. Acquiring of low-cost casket: It is here we want to give the deceased a befitting burial but the truth is that casket is a casket. Once it gets to the ground, termites will begin its attack after a period of time. Because you trying to cut expenses then go for a low-quality casket.
  5. In some continents like Europe and America where funeral directors are mostly found. In this case, the funeral directors are paid to arrange everything for the funeral. You have to bear in mind that your funeral director will support and provide advice as an expert. So, you will have to choose the funeral director wisely. Choose the one that would manage the amount of money you are willing to spend and show him/her the list of your low budget funeral service.




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