The loss of a loved one can be very painful and devastating. He who is not busy being born is busy dying but you know, for life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. A funeral service is the final respect paid to the deceased before he/she is being laid to rest.

During funeral service there a lot of family, friends, colleagues and such like that attend the final respect to the deceased. There are various ways and steps to find a funeral service but it is always dependent on how close you are with the deceased or the family.

  1. This is to make use of the contact or information you already have on the death or funeral. You can ask the person who informed you about the death of the deceased in order to know where, when and how the funeral services would be held so you wouldn’t be lost. If you can access the deceased home address or contact, then you could call.
  2. If you had seen the deceased burial poster on the television, newspaper or in any media houses, then you need to read through the announcements and notice of the deceased’s death as to know. So through obituaries as to how to find the funeral service
  3. Most times their funeral homes close to us that can help sort this particular issues out. You enquire in the funeral homes other around your area or around the areas where you have encountered the deceased or their family and friends previously. This would help out and even if they are not able to help out, they may refer you to other funeral homes that could help out.
  4. Also, check out for the hospitals or cemeteries or mortuary where the deceased died, would be buried or was picked from. These are vital information contained in an obituary that can be of good help.
  5. Also, check on all social media platforms. The internet has made a lot of jobs easier like finding some persons online just by putting in the person’s name. I know you’d be wondering how this will be of help to you? You would search the first name, surname or nick of the deceased on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  6. Use of records kept by the government: Governments are meant to keep records of the date of death of its citizen. This contains information such as name, date of death, a relation and even date of birth. But the issue with this particular step is that most government records are not easily accessible.




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