Funeral service comes with a lot of burdens. Funeral service is a privilege to give the final respect to the deceased, the values they had and an impact they have made in the lives of people. It is an event where people grief, the thanksgiving of a life well-lived is being made, celebrating the deceased life.

Most people have no knowledge or experience in planning a funeral. Trying to come up with all the arrangement for funeral service is a very tough decision to be made and shouldn’t be made in a rush in order not to forget anything or miscalculated. There are people who want to give the deceased a befitting burial as possible. Ensure making the preparations for the funeral service of the deceased as feasible as possible.

Here is a laid down plan that would be as an aid in every aspect of the funeral. It is a step by step planning and you should analyze each step and then decide how you want the funeral planning to be like.

  1. Transportation of the deceased body: here is where a problem lies. Transporting the body of the deceased from the point of death of a funeral home. If the death occurred in the hospital, it is the duty of the hospital to transport the deceased body to the funeral home or mortuary as the case may be but before the transportation of the body, the hospital or the people that reside where the death occurred will call as to know whether to transport the body to the mortuary. But this is usually dependent on the state or country of residence.
  2. Informing the family of the deceased: – It is important to call the immediate family and very close friends of the deceased in order to inform them about the death. In the process, you can also call employers and religious groups of death as time goes by. This is done to sympathize with the deceased family.
  3. Planning of the funeral proper:- This involves choosing a venue, date and time for the funeral, informing the media (not compulsory), also preparations of food and refreshment
  4. You consider the number of persons you are expecting for the burial as to know the amount of food and refreshment to prepare.
  5. Getting the casket ready. You can shop for the casket depending on one’s budget
  6. The hiring of either a recorder, live band, gospel band or musician for the burial
  7. Religious groups should be informed of the date and time because they would conduct the service.
  8. The decorations and rentals should be unique and not too expensive depending on one’s budget.
  9. Inform the family members of how far you have gone with the preparation and ask for their support.




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