Order means to place things in the right disposition. Order is the arrangement or placement of thing according to a particular sequence, method or pattern. There are various means to put things in order. Putting events in order ahead of time saves energy, time and helps to organize the events.

Choosing an order for a funeral service is very tiring. But it’s the only way to pay final honour and respect to the deceased. There are various ways to put funeral service intact but here we are talking about the content of the brochure and the design of the brochure cover. Here is what the content of the order of service should look like:-

  1. The front has just the photo of the deceased and vital information about the funeral service (live, venue, date and time of the funeral service). It also includes the deceased full name, date of birth and date of death.
  2. Type of service that has been chosen: The type of service that has been selected (either cremated or burial of the deceased body) but has to be done with the leader of the church present because they decide which doctrine or religious belief. The choristers will have processed into the venue of the burial, the choice of songs to be played but most times churches have songs that they play, songs that reflect lives, death and life after death. Churches proper hymns and the hymn are printed together with the brochure. After which prayer and word is shared by the church leader.
  3. People that the deceased is survived by family or relatives and friends that the deceased left behind are listed afterwards.
  4. Photographs of the deceased and memories that have been shared with the deceased are also posted on the flips or rather pages of the brochure. The events and date where the pictures were taken are written under the pictures.
  5. The farewell writings condolences: Here the family, relatives and friends of the deceased are to write their heartfelt message to the deceased. The colleagues, association or organization and then workplace send their farewell to the deceased. Then the appreciation comes ups, to thank everyone and every organization that has helped in one way or the other.

Then choose a style for a brochure, make sure the vital information at the front of the brochure is very important because it will help persons that would come for visitation some prepare. So many flips on the picture of the brochure but no rules say it’s compulsory.




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