Death is a reminder that we are all but a candle in the wind. The death of a loved one can be very diminishing and hurting especially when you have not gone through a series of death cases before. When you want to select how to bury a deceased one. There are things to consider in the funeral.

  1. Where to lay down the deceased, is it in the mortuary, or in a cemetery. In some countries that funeral director can also help out as in some countries
  2. The traditional burial performed is done per custom and religion
  3. Some prefer viewing the deceased body before it laid down. This occurs in most countries, so as to see the face and body of the deceased to keep in remembrance forever but this is not practised in Hindu because of the cremation of the body.
  4. Will the service be held close to the grave where the deceased will be buried or in the church or the mortuary?
  5. The wake keep which is done a day before the burial is not also forgotten.
  6. The service of songs performed at the residence of the deceased by the church leaders of the church of resident this is done to pay the final honour by the church. What happens in a funeral, burials are done practically depending on the beliefs a religion, customs and tradition of the Islam, Christianity, Catholics, Buddhist and the rest. The burial has to be done according to the deceased belief.

So stuff that can happen in burial

  1. The procession and arrival of the church leaders, choristers: The coffin is placed at a place of rest in the church altar or homes. On the day of the burial, the body of the deceased are placed in a hearse and then, in some countries where they will also make a floral arrangement. Some provide cars for the procession depending on one’s pocket. Not everyone is to join for the procession, just the choristers, church leaders, and other organization with few family members.
  2. The funeral service proper: Depends on whether the funeral is going to be a burial or burnt to ashes. If it is to burn down the ashes. After the prayers, you can decide to burn the body right there in the church or the mortuary or the place of the funeral. Then, take it to the river like the Hindu practice or you keep it safe where you want to keep it. If it’s a burial then the coffin is placed on catalogue and then the service could come up with eulogy, hymn and other prayers would follow.
  3. Then the reception follows after the body must have been laid to rest. The food and refreshment are given there at the venue of the burial




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