A funeral service is a medium use to celebrate life for the old, mourn in the deceased which are young. It is a way to honour and pay the final respect to the deceased. A funeral service is held with body of the deceased present while in memorial service with body absent.

Funeral services or custom began in the days of the old. Funeral service is done for remembrance purposes, a transition of the deceased and ritual depending on the culture of the deceased. In Buddhist they do the funeral service as a form of transition, they do it to give peace to the dead and act as a remembrance that everyone will die one day.

The funeral comes from the Latin word “fanus” which means the corpse. The funeral service, burial rites and final respect given to the dead had with religious belief because in the days of the old the dead were buried and flowers were also found around the bodies. The 21st-century burial begin using the secular musical funeral rites performed by Christians which was initially forbidden by the Roman Catholics. Previously, burials were carried out in the church environment/compound and also known as a mortuary.

In Hindu, a child is buried to the ground while an adult (deceased) is burnt or rather cremated. After the burning the dead body, the ashes are then poured back into the water, this is because the Asians believe in the existence of the having an immortal essence and the body and universe (which is five elements, which include: space, earth, water, fire, air) has something to do with transiting the soul of the deceased. In the Hindu religion, the body is believed to be buried within a day of death of the deceased. The ashes are poured into the nearest river or sea. And there is a mourning period which is done for 10-12 days.

Zoroastrianism culture believes in neither the burial of the deceased or burning of the body. They instead construct towers which have openings that allow the inflow of birds that feeding on carrion to come feed on them. This particular custom was the practice in a part of Asian, especially by the Iranian.

Islam’s believe in burying the body to the ground. The first bathe the body of the deceased using camphor and leaves of a tree known as Ziziphus lotus, then the body is unwrapped up with cotton with (white) and then their funeral prayers are offered while the body is then laid low into the grave. They mourn for as long as 40 days. The Jewish perform similar rites is the same but the difference is that Islam’s face the body of the deceased rightwards while the Jews face the body to the temple in Jerusalem.




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