Funerals are done to pay the last tribute and respect to the deceased. Now there are different controversies on the issue of a funeral. Some don’t believe in it while others do believe them. The disbelief is brought about due to the amount of money being spent during the funeral.

I remember my friend once said that some people only spend money during a person’s burial but when that person was alive and asked for help, none of these people spending money during the burial came to the deceased aid. He said he wouldn’t like a big funeral ceremony. That a coffin is enough, that if it’s possible plantain leaves should be used to wrap his body. Then, other money generated through the burial should be given to his family. But there are people who even amidst the lack are willing to give deceased the most befitting burial.

There’s a saying that “all hands are not equal”. A rich man ran always afford but a poor man might not be able to do the same. So their cheap funerals and expensive funerals. So pick they do one with your capacity or rather, within your reach.

There are different ways to achieve a cheap funeral, the first: –

  1. By directly burying the body of the deceased into the ground. There are different names it is referred to in this country. In countries like Nigeria, one can do the burial without doing a funeral service. There will just be the presence of a pastor, family and few close friends. After the body has been laid to rest, everyone will depart to their various places but then in some cases, you can always do the funeral service later in future. In other foreign countries, they opt for a direct cremation where there will be a facial discussion between the family of the deceased or organizers with the director in charge of the funeral. The material/requirement needed for the funeral like flowers, transportation and other things could be arranged by the family and volunteers. A simple wooden coffin is made and the body will be lad in it, then taken to church instead of home this is done in order not pay for decoration of the room/plane where the body is being viewed. After which the body is laid to rest or buried in the ground in the presence of a pastor, family but no witness or people that will mourn.




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