A funeral usually occurs during the weekends. Funerals service are done mostly during the weekend because it is believed that everybody would be free by then, free from work, business, school and whatnot. The best day for a funeral is dependent on the type of funeral service to be used (either burial or cremation).

  1. Availability of the celebrant, minister or the church leader
  2. Amount of money that has been cut out for the event.

It is very much required that burial takes place either a month or week after the death of the deceased. Some customs in different countries require that the burial/cremation rites are performed immediately the death of the deceased. Most time midweek (from Monday to Thursday) is not convenient for those that go to work, school or have one business or the other to attend to. Most parishes prefer or allow weekend burials. The celebrant most times fix the burial for Friday or Saturday that people from far can make it to the burial on time. There is no law that bids tat attending burials on Monday or Sunday is a crime but you find it that the church leaders, ministers and celebrant they have to lead service in their various churches thereby making them unavailable on Sundays. But Sabbatarian’s have their church service on Saturday. Funeral services are ended with thanksgiving in the church. It is possible to wait until all the necessary preparations are made for the burial. There is no limit the number of days that a dead body can be kept in mortuary or cemetery. There are so many decisions that need to be made before moving the body of the deceased away from the mortuary.

Mortuary is always full due to the fact that people are dying every day and are not offered the burial rites immediately because they feel they don’t have the money for the funeral rites or because there are no person to detect the deceased body. There are no common days to hold a funeral in any day of the week but most times all these cemeteries, burial grounds and even some other rentals or any other service to be rendered to you the weekend charge more due to fact that weekends are the best days for the traditional function to be done. But the best day and commonest day for burials are usually during the weekends, especially on Friday.