As every country has a do’s and don’ts so does every event. There are things that shouldn’t happen or take place in a funeral. There are etiquettes that follow a particular kind of event. Funeral service is done to pay final respect and honour deceased for the last, so the there proper and improper way of handling this event and sometimes people overlook it.

Funeral service is a time of grief and pain for those who lost a loved one. As from this time they as much as support as they can get. I remember when my dad died, a lot of friends helped with providing food for us every day and brought in a lot of us things that we needed at that particular point in time. So, you don’t expect someone who has lost a loved one to come to your home and announce the demise or call you because they might not be in the right frame of mind. You are the one to reach out to them or even give a call to show your support and condole with them. If you think they can’t recognize or probably you have a bond with just the deceased alone but not the family all you need to do is to reach out to them, explain to them the kind of bond you share with the deceased, connect with them as well, create a relationship and show your support. You need not be afraid as to whether they will accept you or not. I remember a classmate lost her dad, I went to visit her and I was also introduced to her siblings, I encouraged her and sympathized with her. I helped her in making meals that evening, made them laugh and that’s how the bond with other members of the family started. I came the next day and also attended the service songs but I couldn’t make it to the burial because of the distance and that’s how I formed a bond with the family.

  1. Then wear the proper attire: You shouldn’t wear a cloth that doesn’t depict morning especially when you are not connected to the family. Avoid wearing any colourful or casual clothing to the burial. To be on the safer side putting on black and white is much more preferable.
  2. Don’t come empty-handed. Coming with a gift or small parcel or even a small envelope is accepted. If it’s in some countries where flowers and gifts cared are appreciated, then the two is overly good to be used.
  3. In funerals is not proper to live your phone on: Switch it off to avoid calls coming in and out because not only does it look disrespectful but it acts as a distraction. It is not proper to be going through the phone when paying honour to whom it’s due.
  4. Do not forget the family of the deceased: I know a lot of things keep our mind held down but we need to try as much as possible to reach out to them every once in a while.




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