For something to be expensive means, it’s of very high value, very costly and not cheap. Funerals are either cheap or expensive depending on one’s budget. In some families that have held various funerals, previously arranging a new burial won’t be difficult. While some due to grief and loss can’t manage to arrange a funeral and also there’s always this need to act quickly especially for the funeral rites involved. There are some many things needed to be put into consideration before in order to know how much why funerals are expensive.

  1. Funerals are quite expensive these days because of the caskets which are becoming much costlier than before. Due to deforestation there hardly good woods to make good caskets that would be used to preserve the body. So, the caskets cost much in the budget.
  2. The number of persons that are to come for the funerals:- The truth in life is that we are only remembered by what we have done. So, if the person is a celebrity or a well-known person in either a community, state or nationality a lot of persons would show up and this increases the cost of feeding during the funeral.
  3. The Rentals: This includes the hiring of chairs, tables, canopies and cooling vans. This particular one is dependent on the number of the person to come for the funeral. Because the more the persons, the more the rentals to be hired and inversely directed to the amount of money to be spent. I remember a friend spent almost N200,000 on rentals because while another spent a million naira hiring tents for dignitaries.
  4. The performers that have been called: Funerals are so expensive because of these particular personalities. During my dad’s funeral, we didn’t call the recorders even though they are the cheapest in the state level, we paid the live band to perform gospel music through the white funeral. Some call popular high life musician to come and perform and nothing likes the price of a funeral than this.
  5. Funerals are also expensive due to the number of days it’s been done:- My mother once told me that my grandfather’s funeral right was done for one whole month, the recorder was paid for one month, dismiss and food was given out for one month because it was the custom previously so tell me why funerals won’t be expensive. But now funerals are done three days, two days or at least a day like the whites and some part of the African countries.




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